International partners

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Latvian Judicial Training center (LJTC) is Latvia’s representative in European Judicial Training Network (EJTN) since 2004.

LJTC is an active participant in various working groups, research studies, opinion exchanges and conferences that are organized for EJTN member organizations, their members and EU court system representatives regarding study organization experience in member states.

LJTC participates in Program working group’s activities that evaluate different idea generation and project process in various legal disciplines. In Administrative law subgroup a handbook (guidelines) was created for administrative judge training demand provision and 2 seminars in a year were provided in disciplines that concern administrative legal area. For a longer time period LJTC participates in Judicial training methods working group, which has been organizing more than 12 seminars since it`s existence for those legal profession representatives that are lecturers for judges’ and prosecutors’ audience. Adult education specialists are actively involved in diverse methodology regarding solution finding, yet in most cases seminars are exchange of experiences and best practices for everyone who acts in judge and prosecutor initial and continuous education sphere.

Since couple of years LJTC representative has joined the working group of Legal foreign languages, the working group that works towards common strategies and policies to improve the legal Language competencies for Judges and prosecutors.


Academy of European Law (ERA) is one of the most active LJTC’s cooperation partners. LJTC both sends judges and prosecutors regularly to seminars organized by ERA in Trier and Brussels, and supports seminars organized by ERA in Latvia in LJTC premises whereas it gives judges and prosecutors in Latvia a bigger chance to participate in international seminars, to listen to foreign lecturers and exchange experience with colleagues from other countries.

IOJT LJTC is one of the founders in 2002 for a worldwide organization - International Organization of Judicial Training (IOJT). IOJT’s main goal is to perfect legal system’s work and quality providing good quality and to legal systems’ participants’ professional need oriented training events. IOJT is organizing conferences every other year for members and other interested parties. Subject topicality is defined by considering both IOJT members and receiving state legal system topicalities in training and professional development area.